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    Rules & TOS


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    Rules & TOS

    Post by Evanjan on Fri Oct 05, 2012 11:26 pm

    Note: These rules are subject to change at any time without any prior notice. All rules apply to every single player, whether they are staff or not, whether they are a player who has helped the game a lot or not. No excuses. It doesn't matter who they are, or how trusted they are, all rules apply.

    You break the rules at your risk, so don't complain if you have been permanently banned for breaking such rules, no matter the reason.

    Do NOT use multiple accounts

    Do NOT use multiple accounts to give reputation to other users.

    Macroing = permanent ban, no exceptions and no excuses. The macro-detection is constantly improved and many have been detected so far. There are over 19 different ways to detect if a player is macroing or not. Methods will not be revealed for obvious reasons.

    If you are lending/borrowing things from someone else, you MUST set a time-scale when those things will be returned and if you are scammed, you will NOT be returned your item(s), so having a collateral is recommended.

    Do NOT create an account for another person, because if that person breaks a rule on the account you may be blamed for it. Also this counts as account trading and account trading is prohibited.

    If you are found logging into somebody else's account, you will be BANNED PERMANENTLY.

    Spam is not tolerated, this includes hurtful or serious trolling. Please use common sense when talking to other players, if you start swearing you will be banned for 1 day. Asking for personal or contact information of any kind is also strictly prohibited. Massive use of caps can also be considered as swearing and / or spamming.

    Harrassment or constantly begging is against the rules. You may be banned from the mailbox, chatroom and forums for a very long time if you do this.

    If you have been banned and have learnt your lesson, you may start a completely new account unless told otherwise.

    Don't do anything illegal. Obvious rule.

    If you are banned, transferring all your pokemon to a new account to evade this ban may cause some if not all of the pokemon to be gone, you may however be able to use your new account.

    Hacking accounts is prohibited, we can easily check if you have via IP addresses, reverse IP lookup if you proxy/VPN, ISP check, hostnames, CPU names, browser cookies, and so forth. You will be immediately banned if found doing so.

    Cheating, macroing, abusing glitches constantly or scamming other players may result in either a ban (small scam). In every circumstances excluding glitches/bugs, all goods will NOT be returned to the original owner to make players more cautious/not get easily scammed and not waste staff time - this includes staff. Asking for pokemon to be returned if it is not caused by a glitch/bug is against the rules and may result in a ban. This applies to every single staff!
    Also expect less help from staff if you have a history of repeating these kinds of actions.

    Not necessarily a rule but when a player has been unbanned or has started a new account (being previously banned), please give them a chance and don't treat them badly.

    Do not advertise other pokemon sites or newly found sites. Very popular/well-known sites may be allowed.

    I do all my best to return your pokemon/coins/etc. if it is clearly not your fault you have lost them. In very rare cases, if it is your fault you've been scammed, I may return them depending on how generous I feel and how busy I am - don't rely on it. The reason I normally don't return scammed pokemon is to make sure players are more careful. This would also help develop real-life trading skills of many players.

    Several methods of detecting the use of a macro or bot is implemented in the game and is continuously improved. The punishment for this is likley to be a permanent ban with no excuses/chance of unban.

    No proof, no ban. Don't expect a reply if you submit any kind of report without proof.

    If you lend or transfer pokemon/items etc. to another account, and that account becomes banned. You will not be returned those pokemon/items/etc. unless you have used the loan feature.

    Threatening another user severely or using seriously offensive language may cause an ingame ban instead of just a chat/forum ban.

    Unsolicited spamming of other games or websites via messaging/etc is prohibited.

    It is against the rules to ask for passwords, and it is also against the rules to reveal your own password intentionally.

    Exploitation of any bugs or holes in game mechanics will not be tolerated. We will use our discretion as to what we feel is cheating and we will take immediate action against the accounts we feel are violating the rules.

    The use of racism or ****ually explicit material (full nudity) in your player name, signature, and clan banner is prohibited.

    Hate speech of any kind is not allowed. Haters gonna hate, stop hating for once.

    You may not give access, recieve, buy, share or sell accounts and you must not sell in-game forms of virtual property for real money. It is not even safe to trade accounts as people are easily able to recover it.

    Multi-logins against the rules, this means if you are on more than one account in the same time.

    Do not encourage rule breaking.

    You may not sell clan membership for pokemon or any other in game currency/item.

    Reporting someone is done through a PM, not posting and causing a racket in the forums.

    You may not rig a contest, i.e. don't plan the winner before you even make your contest.

    Everytime a new promo comes up, or a special event (i.e. Halloween Event), you may only obtain up to two of a certain promo, per household.

    Creating mass amounts of accounts for the sole purpose of obtaining more than two promos or reaping the benefits of dailies (Lucky Dip, Daily Raffle) is also prohibited. You are only permitted up to four or five accounts per IP address.

    Trading your own pokemon/money for another game is prohibited, any found done so will be banned immediately.

    Common sense, if you can't determine the difference between what is ok, and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you can.

    Accusing someone for anything without knowing this for certain or without genuine proof is against the rules, however reporting this to staff members privately through a PM is perfectly fine.

    Slander and defamation is prohibited. This means spreading rumours or ruining a reputation of a remember without a real reason & legitimate proof. Twisting the truth is also not good.

    No begging excessively on chats or forums. Begging over private messages will lead to a ban in both.

    Breaking any rules may get your other accounts banned.

    Don't expect your other account(s) - if any, to be safe from a ban if you break any rules from another account depending on the rule broken and if any pokemon/items were transferred.

    Pawnshop style loaning is not supported nor is it allowed from this point on.

    If you attempt to DDoS the game or hack another fellow member of Pokemon Tech (i.e. via phishing), I'll simply contact the local enforcement agencies your information such as your IP address. Even behind a VPN, the local enforcement agencies can find you, just don't understimate them or cry to me if you go to jail.

    And finally, be a kind and loving person Very Happy, (or at least try to be).

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